Who is Taylor?


Who is Taylor?

Hello, everyone! My name is Taylor and I founded Taylor Tech Reviews due to the lack of honest and straight forward technology reviews available today. After many years of impulsive purchases I have began extensive research on products I plan to buy and often find a lack of legitimacy within the technology reviewing community. I realize this is a common issue for those of us who invest the time to best use their money. However, the purpose of my reviews is to correct the shortfalls of popular opinion.

Tech Blogging Today

There is a wide variety of main stream technology reviewing websites that seek to push certain products in order to “sell” the reader. I believe this strategy is misleading and corrupt. Reviews should not “sell” the reader like marketing but rather, they should inform readers of factual evidence and provide fair viewpoints.

Understanding the Problem

Ideally, I would prefer to believe that sites like Amazon and Google would yield the best reliability for reviews. Buyers tend to use these “trending” websites and blogs to find reliable opinion. In reality, however, most of these reviews are paid for and are used to push many corporation agendas. I’m certain you will agree that researching a tech product should not involve agendas but rather pure intentions. 

Taylor Tech Review Facts

This blog is a BS free zone; all reviews are non-bias. My content will tell you exactly why you should or should not purchase a tech product. It’s that simple.

Finishing Statements

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All products recommended by Taylor Tech Reviews are honestly reviewed. Some of our reviews include affiliate links. If you buy something through one of these links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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