Amazon Alexa Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Review

Taylor Tech Reviews Amazon Alexa Dot (Gen 3)
Taylor Tech Reviews Amazon Alexa Dot (Gen 3)


The 3rd Generation Amazon Echo Dot delivers a tremendously improved sound system compared its predecessors. Overall, this is a smart purchase for an entry-level Alexa speaker.

In this review, I am going to dive into some of the specifics of the Amazon’s Echo Dot (3rd Generation). This smart voice activated speakers has many great selling points. I can personally attest to the great sound quality and usability as I have been using mine for about a year now.

Why the Amazon Alexa Echo Dot?

The third-generation of Amazon’s Echo Dot ($29) looks sleek and sounds great. It comes with a greatly improved audio which distinctly surpasses the Google Home Mini. In addition, this $29 Echo can easily replace the larger $99 Echo as this new dot offers the same sound system in a smaller size and at a lower price. Although this Dot may look smaller I believe it is by far the better deal. Therefore, that makes it my favorite entry-level smart speaker. 

Are you an external speaker owner?

If you currently own an old Echo Dot version and mainly use it to plug into a bigger and better speaker, there’s no need to get the latest version (For those who don’t know – if you bypass the main Dot speaker using the 3.5 mm jack the audio will output to the external device you have connected). However, if you use your Echo Dot as a primary speaker, you’ll want the Amazon’s Echo Dot (3rd Generation)

Keep in Mind

Please keep in mind that while I do highly suggest this product, I would also like to mention that there are many other great speakers available today. Additionally, there is a highly competitive market for smart speakers and while this speaker is a front runner, there are many more to review. 

Amazon Alexa Echo Dot | Pros and Cons

Below you can find out why the Amazon’s Echo Dot (3rd Generation) would be a good fit for you or maybe why it wouldn’t be a good fit. With that being said, I hope you enjoyed this review. Please comment and subscribe to stay in touch! If you have a product you want review, contact us!

  • Much better sound than previous model.
  • Still the best inexpensive Alexa speaker.
  • 3.5mm jack for more powerful speakers.
  • Alexa is still the best voice ecosystem for smart home control.
  • Alexa lags behind Google Assistant’s level at answering broad information queries
  • Power Cable Required – Not Battery Operated

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